Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Beauty Blender

One of my favorite tools to apply liquid foundation is the beauty blender.
I love the way it makes my foundation set, by dapping it onto the skin you really get the perfect glowy look.

Here are some before, during and after pictures. Before using the beauty blender I always wash it with some handsoap first and rinse it until the soap is completely out. Then I squeeze the beauty blender 'dry' so it's damp when you use it.

Here is my skin 'before' only have moisturizer etc on, no filter. I know... It's scary and my skin is kinda bad.
When you use the beauty blender make sure you are dapping the foundation onto your skin and not stroking or rubbing it in!
After applying foundation, no filter.
After applying concealer, no filter.
I always use some matte transparant powder to set my foundation and to make it less shiny. It's a bit weird but I don't necessarily use the beauty blender to get a glowy look. I just love how it applies my foundation and makes it look perfect. However I have an oily skin so it's always shiny. That's why I use a matte setting powder so it will last all day. However if you are going for that glowy/dewy looking skin, even more reason to use a beauty blender!

After transparant matte setting powder, no filter.
And the finished look that day!
If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I'll answer them asap! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weigh in #1

I wanna get back on track and be happy with my body again, so it's time to make some changes! This will be my start post and I hope i'll make a lot of progress but even more importantly, finally adapt an healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and lot's of healthy meals. I'm absolutely not happy right now, I don't exercise on a regular basis and I don't eat healthy at least 80% of the time. I really hope I can rock a nice bikini body next summer and not feel so freaking self conscious for a change.

Current weight:
64,0 kg

Waist: 71 cm
Tummy: 87 cm
Hips: 102 cm
Left leg: 59 cm
Right leg: 62 cm


Weight Loss Goals

So it's time for me to try and get back into shape! (or finally?? I have never really been in shape!) I'm going to try to have a weekly weigh in on friday. My last attempt was a total failure (back in march/april?) and I haven't really tried again. I really hope this time I'll be able to make some lasting changes into my lifestyle and shed those kilo's for good!

The Goals:
SW: 63,5 kg (17-4-2012)
LW: 59,4 kg (26-6-2012)
CW: 64,0 kg (26-9-2014)

GW1: 63 kg
GW2: 62 kg
GW3: 61 kg
GW4: 60 kg
GW5: 59 kg
GW6: 58 kg
GW7: 57 kg
UGW: 56 kg