Sunday, February 1, 2015

Januari Weigh In

In one of my previous posts I listed my weight loss goals for 2015. I did a weigh in at the end of december and again at the end of januari. I was a bit disappointed, I didn't see or make any progress at all. Mostly I am to blame for this since I didn't work out (maybe only 3 times) and even though I did start eating healthier, there is still a lot more to improve in that department as well. I did take some pills (natural basis) which supposedly help to lose weight, well that sure as hell didn't happen so it's total bogus! I really hope i'll do better in februari, starting the month fresh tomorrow by eating healthy and going to the gym on a regular basis. I just really want to feel happy in my skin again and get my life back in order. Let's kick some but!

Anyway, here are the pictures and statistics of the non-progress I made. Hopefully I have a better update next month!

I'll first mention my start weight/measurements in black that I took at the end of december and then my new weight/measurements in either red or green (gained more or lost/made progress) I took at the end of januari.

Weight: 64,4 kg - 65,1 kg (+0,7 kg)

Waist: 70 cm - 71 cm (+1 cm)
Tummy: 89 cm - 87 cm (-2 cm)
Hips: 103 cm - 104 cm (+1 cm)
Left leg: 60 cm - 61 cm (+ 1 cm)
Right leg: 62 cm - 63 cm (+1 cm)
 End of December
End of Januari

I really do look bigger :(
 End of December
End of Januari
The stupid pills/supplements I took that didn't work =_=

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yesterday's look!

Yesterday was my mommy's birthday! So I had to dress up and spend the evening with family. Had a delicious dinner at my parents home. Wore my favorite purple blouse and black booties! Sorry for the unclear pictures but I took them in the evening so the lightning isn't great. Also a picture is included of my make-up yesterday!
Blouse: H&M | Skirt: H&M | Belt: Asos | Thighs: H&M | Booties: Pour La Victoire

Monday, January 26, 2015

Insta Lately

Latest (well last 4 weeks orso) instagram pictures!
 1. Delicious 'asian' salad as lunch with salmon and shrimps! 2. My water cooker broke so I had to make my tea the old school way. 3. New Iphone 6+! 4. Just chilling and watching some netflix.
 1. Beautiful sunday morning while out for a bike ride with my malamute 2. Cute little pet snake 3. Selfie time! 4. Delicious sushi lunch, my favorite food!
 1.  Ofcourse a selfie 2. throw back thursday: my little MoMo when he was still a baby 3. Went to the Hobbit, such an amazing movie! 4. The picture says it all :P
 1. Mommy-puppy picture 2. Annnnddddd more selfies 3. Gym time! 4. It was so cold I had to wear my fluffy hat
1. The malamute is spying on the neighbors 2. Post workout protein shake 3. My favorite winter drink, hot chocolate with whipped cream!