Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finally did some running!

Now that the temperature is dropping again I can finally go out with my buddy to do some running. Both our endurance dropped quite a bit so we have to make it a regular thing again. Even do it didn't go very well and we only did 4- 4,5K (with to much walking in between), I'm still happy and a little proud I finally got off my lazy ass and did it anyway. It always makes me feel so much more energized and fit.
She was kinda exhausted after the run and always likes to cool off on the balcony.

The downpart about the temperature dropping and fall setting in is the ugly weather! It was sooo dark yesterday morning (I took the picture around 11:30?!!) and it was grey the rest of the day (today as well). I really hate it and only makes we want to stay indoors and crawl under a blanket.
This was yesterday before it got really dark and started to rain non-stop. Luckily I went running before the down pour, I hate getting soaked.

Poor little Mo-Mo had to go for his yearly shots at the vet yesterday as well. Even tho compared to our dog he's a big boy and always behaves well. When the dog has to go to the vet she tries to climb on my lap and screams when the vet is only looking at her! Such a big cry baby. But Mo-Mo wasn't to happy about it yesterday either. First time ever he didn't wanna get in his crate and left a nice paw mark on my leg (through my jeans!!)... ouch :(
 Unhappy face in the waiting room.
Paw print on my leg.. =_= Ouch

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home Purchases

Last weekend I did some shopping, no make-up or fashion this time. Just some cute stuff to add to our house. Picture above was with my Mogu Mogu juice. Delicious aloe vera flavored juice, I picked lychee flavor! <3

First I bought some new coasters(?) for our cups! When i saw mrs. always right it was perfect and had to have it! The single ones were €0,99 a piece and the set of 4 was €2,99/3,99 not really sure anymore.. Both purchased from Xenos.
Since I started wearing new kinds of lenses I really needed some nice small boxes to store them in. The containers/packaging they come in are to clumsy for me and with these boxes they are nicely stored and easy to grab in the morning! The boxes were only €2,99 a piece from Xenos.
And last we bought 3 new Rituals foaming shower gel sensations, we already had the one on the left. The DA sold them for the price of €17,50 for 3 instead of €24,- so we decided to grab a few. They are a bit pricy but I love the scents and how it makes my skin feel. My skin feels a lot less dry after showering. Also the company doesn't test their products on animals which I think is a huge +!
From left to right:
T'ai Chi - White Lotus & Green Tea
Yogi Flow - Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil (my favorite)
Happy Buddha - Organic Mandarin & Yuzu
Hammam Delight - Fresh Eucalyptus & Rosemary

Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Flowers

Last weekend we finally had some decent weather again. I was starting to feel it was becoming fall already, lot's of rain, leaves falling of the trees and mushrooms growing everywhere! Thankfully this past week has been a bit better so I wanted to share last weekends make-up/look pictures with you :)
I was wearing these fake lashes I bought a while back for only €5! I always love fake lashes in pictures but these actually looked nice on me in real life as well! So I was really happy with them. Definitely gonna buy them again.

I'm just wearing a natural color eye shadow with eyeliner and fake lashes, nothing dramatic.
Top: Forever 21 | Scarf: H&M | Lips: Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Volupté no. 2