Friday, February 27, 2015

Februari Weigh In

Whoohoo!!!! Progress!! Februari started off slow, exercising more often but still not on a regular basis. Also the food intake health wise wasn't great at the start. But the last 2 weeks I really worked hard on eating healthy and exercising 3-4 times a week. Finally my hard work is paying off! The progress is small, but I guess things will go in baby steps and that's ok. Knowing at some point this month I weighed even more (65, 9! I haven't been that heavy in years) I'm really proud for where I am at now. I'm going to kick ass in march and show an even healthier body next month!

Januari-Februari statistics:
Weight: 65,1 kg - 64,7 kg (- 0,4 kg)

Waist: 71 cm - 69 cm (-2 cm)
Tummy: 87 cm - 87 cm
Hips: 104 cm - 104 cm
Left leg: 61 cm - 60 cam (-1 cm)
Right leg: 63 cm - 61 cm (-2 cm)

Progress pictures:

Monday, February 23, 2015


Bought some new items from Nelly! Really happy with them, already seen me waring them here!
Black Lace Shorts from Jeane Blush - sale price: €11,95
Apricot Knit Top from Vila - sale price: €8,48
Black Jeans from Only - €39,95

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's day

Hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day yesterday, I sure had! I'm not to big in celebrating it (apparently not many dutch people celebrate it) so I told my hubby I just wanted a lovely lunch, so that's what we did. Dressed in my new Nelly purchases! Hope everyone is having a great weekend as well :). Outfit details below.
 His lunch: Carpaccio salad
My lunch: Peppadew filled with goat-cheese salad
Sweater: Vila | Jeans: Only | Sneakers: G-star | Necklace: Mi Moneda | I-Phone case: Guess